Sawmill company EUROTECHTRADE offers a wide range of products and expert advice:


Softwood of general purpose

Tarcica iglasta ogólnego przeznaczeniaEurotechtrade offers high-quality softwood timber from coniferous woods (pine or spruce) produced at a modern high-tech sawmill located in Belarus.


We offer sawn timber of various sizes or sizes on request and certified according to international standards.


Only local, legally harvested, high-quality and ecologically pure wood is used for our sawn timber materials.




Construction timber

Tarcica budowlana i konstrukcyjnaOur offer also includes construction timber: roof trusses (battens, counter battens, wall slats, beams, pallet board), which are often used in house building (especially in Canadian houses), pergolas, terraces, sheds.








Pellets and briquettes

Pellet Pellets offered by our company is a high-calorie solid fuel. It is a renewable, high-efficiency fuel because it is produced from biomass. The raw material used for the production of pellets, i.e. granules, is pure sawdust.


BrykietThe wood briquette included in our company's offer is produced from ecological wood waste. They are pressed under high pressure without any glue additions. The wood briquette we offer is completely ecological. By choosing it, you care about the environment!





PaletyWe manufacture many different types of pallets according to the specifications provided by the customer. These pallets meet all design and use conditions tailored to the requirements of our clients.






We offer high-quality wooden boxes (crates), which are universally used for the storage and transport of food and much more: as wine boxes, fruit boxes, shoe shelves, bookshelves, organizing helper, bedside tables, show-case, as storage box for toys or as decorative furniture for the garden or the house.

Product features:

Dimensions: length / width / height:

50*40*30 cm, 50*40*15 cm, 38*28*15 cm, 22*20*15 cm, 50*40*23 cm (or size on request).


natural, colored, burned (white, anthracite, etc.)

The customer can choose his own color and even order a mix. For example, white boxes with the flamed shelf.

The color is odorless and is recommended for children, sports and medical facilities.


Crates are brand new, made of solid wood of very high quality, sturdy and equipped with six staples on each board. You can use them as shelves.

Crates are well dried. (We have own wood dryer).

The boxes are planed and very smooth. Which is especially good for living rooms and children's rooms.

Crates can be with or without shelves.